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Logo Designs 21 Sep 2022

Why Premade Logo Is Not As Effective As Customized Logo

If you are thinking of getting a logo made for the first time, then you can go for premade logos because you can get them instantly by just paying and adding your business name, desired font, or text in the logo design.

Also, logo design might not be on your priority list initially because you have more things to look after and tasks for your new business. However, getting a logo just for identity will not justify the basic philosophy behind your business and its strategy in regard to your logo design. Premade logo is easy to get but does not fully define the real values of your business.

Importance Of Logo 

A logo is a form of your brand identity in the market. People recognize your business with your logo. That is why logos have this much importance in a business’s life. Here is a stat that shows how much people identify your brand with its logo.

premade logo

Identification Of a Brand (Sourced by: Zippia)

It clearly says that 75% of people identify a brand by its logo. Other ratios include 60% judged by the visual style, 45% by brand color, and 25% by a unique voice.

Before you know the ineffectiveness of premade logos, you should know about the premade logo’s main pointer:


Premade logos are quite cheaper compared to customized logos. Most start-up businesses go for premade logos considering their budget. This logo category would help get them up and running their business.

Instant Availability 

Multiple graphic design companies offer premade logos. You can check their available logos and pick a logo for your business. It gives you an idea of what you will get in terms of its design and development.

Quick Delivery

This category of logo would be delivered in just 5 minutes. Yes, it is as quick as that because the customization required for premade logos is the least and minimal.

How is Custom Logo Differ From Premade Logo 

A customized logo is purposefully created for your business or you. It is designed to consider your branding process, which helps strategize your business values.

Benefits of Custom Logo 

Here are some benefits of a customized logo:


A customized logo is one of its kind and is created considering the company’s vision, mission, and values. A customized logo represents the business’s true philosophy along with branding it in the market.


You can start creating your designs on a blank canvas and do any creativity you love and want, including colors, fonts, styles, and graphics. Logo design companies or individuals can also refine and do revisions unless you get a perfect logo design.


Collaborate with your customized logo designer. It helps you in the long term because your customized logo is used in business branding. No one can explain your business better than you, and no one knows about your business better than you.

Compromised Quality With Premade Logos 

Premade logos are mostly designed considering general facts for business development. It is not always specific to your business need unless you get a very specific logo, luckily.

Furthermore, your logo quality is compromised when you get a readymade logo. Mostly, premade logos have a general appearance and don’t reflect the true essence of your business values.

Why does a Customized Logo Matter? 

You are still trying to figure out why the quality of a logo matters. You should know that  42% of people think that a logo reflects a brand’s personality. Also, a logo is the first thing that a potential client sees. So, it is important to consider your logo design an essential part of your business because people mainly take interest in your stores or business if you have a quality logo.

Consequence Of Not Getting a Customized Logo 

If you opt for a poorly made premade logo, it will look like you are not into your business the way you should be in it, and also, the efforts and hardwood you did for your business wouldn’t be seen in your premade logo.

Check out those brands and companies that have their unique interface and marketplace. For example, see the logo of Apple. No one ever confuses Apple with Samsung because both have separate and unique identities. However, both sell high-end smartphones. Likewise, no one ever confused Nike with Adidas because both brands sell clothing apparel, and accessories with distinctive features but have completely separate and enticing logos. They have created their brand identity in the market by creating a seamless and perfect logo design for their businesses.

Not just customize the logo but also get your website problems fixed ASAP to get a better web flow to generate better traffic with SEO integration.

Why You Need A Customized Logo 

Having your logo design is mandatory in a world full of competitors. This investment won’t go wrong if you invest in the right place. Furthermore, a brand only gets identity in the digital market by having a proper logo identity. The entire customization process takes 2-4 weeks to make your logo.

The idea isn’t bad to set a mutual deal with the logo design services provider because it might help you grow your annual revenue, increasing your market value and reputation.

Legal Issues With Premade Logo Designs 

When you have a logo made by companies that provide generic custom designs, there is a chance of getting copyright infringement. Many platforms operating in the market have different legal rights regarding copyright authority. Some companies with fewer copyright authorities are taking material from different artists and selling it to other individuals.

If you are trying to save yourself from big investments in logo design by opting for premade logo designs, then it might not be a good option because there are still chances of copyright infringement. If you unwillingly get involved in it, then you will have to pay a lot of money in this legal issue if anyone got to know that you are using their work.

Copyright Infringement Issues

Don’t take this issue lightly because this is a serious matter. If any company accuses you of copyright infringement, it will become a whole nest of problems. These monetary and legal rights issues might result in a negative reputation for your business in the market.

You surely don’t want to get your business devalued and have a bad reputation because it will ruin your business reputation.

How to Get Your Logo Design Made By A Professional

There are thousands of companies offering logo design services to potential clients. You can hire any reputable and trusted company. Communicate with them and tell them your requirements and budget as well. The prices might vary depending on the company’s professionalism and experience. Ask them for their portfolio and see if they match your expectations for your logo.

Bottom Line 

Premade logo design is quick to get but lacks quality and standard. Small business takes their work with these premade logos initially because of low budgets but investing in a good logo design company in the USA is essential for the growth of your business. You won’t regret hiring an official company to design your logo because it saves your business from getting low-quality and generic logo designs.