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SEO is important for eCommerce

SEO 18 Jan 2022

13 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Your Ecommerce Business – 2022

How long have you been in the eCommerce business?

On what page of Google does your website stand?

Does the search engine know your website exists?

These are some basic questions that lead directly and indirectly to one answer – SEO. The longer you’ve been in business without proper search engine optimization means you’ve been losing your sale chances in bulk.

If your website doesn’t exist on the first two pages of Google, it never existed. There’s a saying, ‘if you want to hide a dead body, hide it on the 3rd page of Google.’ The first two pages are preferable to be viewed by the target audience.

Now, the very basic question is a highly reasonable choice of words.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of increasing your site’s visibility is when people search for similar products and services related to your business on search engines.

Why SEO is important for eCommerce business?

  • To maximize your conversion
  • Stand on a good rank on search engines
  • Embark on your online presence

Search engine optimization increases the presence and visibility of your business. The benefits are numerous and long term while some countable for a start are:

SEO Is Important For Your Ecommerce Business

The better the SEO practices, the more people will start finding your business services on search engines. When it comes to refining quality leads to your website, there is no better marketing strategy than SEO.

To sum it up, if you are still unsure about how SEO is important for the eCommerce business in 2022 and want to dig up some logical reasoning, our 13-reason guide will be your answer.

1.      Boost Organic Traffic

53% of website traffic comes from organic searches.

Every eCommerce business craves more visitors to the website. It is only possible when your eCommerce website starts showing up on search results and new visitors land on your website. It creates a chance for fresh visitors to turn into leads and potential customers.

The more relevant keywords that are embedded in your services, the more traffic is to be witnessed over the website. This is one of the major reasons why SEO is important for eCommerce businesses, and one should really consider it.

2.      Enhances Brand Image

SEO improves the overall brand image of the business. It creates brand authority as people start seeing the brand in more searches than before. This adds up to its credibility and helps in embarking on an overall brand image.

Once you are an established brand, people start preferring you even if you exist on the 2nd page of google.

3.      Extract Quality Leads

SEO doesn’t just grab visitors to your eCommerce website. Majority of the time the clicks that are received on the website or the ones that lead to your website are from people who aren’t sure of the quality or brand or not ready to buy your product or services. In this case, sales get affected.

Whereas, SEO comes in handy in refining the quality of the leads. It identifies what the target audience requires and precisely presents the exact information or caters to it which refines the overall lead quality.

4.      Build Trust & Credibility

Once your website starts ranking and showing results over the search engines, it starts building trust and credibility through organic results. Search engines like; as Google identifies your website as an authentic platform. It happens with certain SEO practices and profile linking tasks that show that your website is fully functional and is catering to the clients ethically.

Google bots tend to crawl over the website where SEO is the key to getting the most out of it and winning the marketing (search results) and authenticity of the search engine.

5.      Better Conversions

SEO tends to increase brand visibility to a wider range. It opens up more doors for people to land on your website.

For instance, you went for an SEO company in Florida, and they performed SEO strategies over your eCommerce website. It increases the rank of your website on search engines. This drives more people to land on your website.

SEO Is Important For Your Ecommerce Business

6.      Improves User Experience

SEO sure knows how to utilize the content of the website for improving user experience. If the content of the website is optimized means the users are getting just the right information to make a decision. An improved user experience gets you:

  • Visitors to stay longer on your page
  • SEO bots will mark your page as relevant
  • Ranking will be increased
  • Improved sales

7.      Better Offline Sales

One more beneficial reason that SEO is important for eCommerce businesses is the offline sales scenario.

Did You Know?

People often visit the online eCommerce website of shopping stores before physically visiting the store themselves to look for a relevant object, price comparisons, and reviews.

It calls for a strategic SEO hand to play with these three areas where an online visitor is satisfied and goes in for a real purchase. It means you are successful in delivering offline sales through SEO tactics.

8.      Measurable KPIs

What is the most important aspect of an eCommerce website from a business perspective? Its measurable website performance!

The KPIs – key performance indicator allows you to measure your SEO performance. In this way, one can add more organic goals and ideas to either improve or enhance the current performance of SEO. What can we get from KPI over SEO?

  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Performance of optimized landing page
  • Highly viewed posts
  • The backlog of content
  • Average time to new content
  • The SEO traffic
  • Relevant Pageviews
  • Keyword click rate
  • Keyword gap or opportunity

9.      Dominance Among Competitors

Not everyone can be on the 1st page of Google with 1st rank. It is very obvious that the competition on search engines is crucial. The cherry on the down, if your website doesn’t have SEO.

The search engine optimization makes your eCommerce website compatible to fight for its place on the top. If in 2022, your competitors are not using SEO and its magic, you can easily outshine them and grab your rightful place on top of search engines.

Furthermore, the 1st rank on a specific search isn’t concrete. Today it is you, and tomorrow it is a competitor. It depends on how better is your SEO.

10.  SEO Is Budget-Friendly

With numerous other reasons why SEO is important for eCommerce websites, the investment in it makes it more worthy.

SEO is known to be the most pocket-friendly investment in digital marketing. It doesn’t gulp up the entire investment but starts giving results slowly and gradually. Plus, when you start SEO, your website starts ranking which ultimately drives more visitors to your website and boosts sales than usual.

11.  Seize Local Targets

Do you know about local SEO?

Local SEO will optimize your content on local specific searches. On keywords like;

  • Near me
  • Within my area
  • Specific city, country, or state

On the other hand, search engines also determine the user’s location to show the searchers specific results. This is where local targets can easily be seized if you have local SEO onboard.

12.  Surplus With SMM

Do you have social media accounts on all social media channels?

If yes, good job!

If not, better late than never.

The only question is; are making social accounts enough to drive sales, engage the audience, and make an overall impact? SEO works like a bonus addition to your social platforms. As social media has a good range of markets that should be targeted.

For example, you have written a blog on AR Zone App and its functions over your website and shared it over the social channels as well. The content is already SEO optimized, and it will help in driving traffic from social media accounts as well.

13.  Long-Term Results

SEO doesn’t just portray results in nanoseconds. You can’t simply believe that you will be on the top of Google right after you opted for search engine optimization. It doesn’t work like that. However, it is a long-term process. It does take time to reveal the results but, they are long-lasting.

Not Instant but Constant!

The SEO will surely help you grow your eCommerce business in 2022 if you are convinced of how SEO is important for an eCommerce business and your future business growth.


SEO is the most powerful tool to exist for eCommerce business growth for the year 2022 and the future. No matter if your business is already matured and established or it is a startup, SEO being pocket-friendly and flexible wins it for all.