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Web Designs 09 Sep 2022

Beginner’s Guide to Create a Website Mockup

A website mockup is a high or mid-fidelity website design. It is a static model to get an idea about the desired website design from the client. It represents the color theme, layout, fonts, image size, typography, visualization, and other design elements. It looks like a real website, just like the final product, but it’s not true. Here is the difference between different levels of mockup websites.

Difference Amid 3 Main Levels

Before we dive into the details of a website mockup, you need to understand the difference between a website mockup, wireframe, and prototype before you create an official website for any business. A web design consists of 3 main levels of visual outlines that help to curate UI/UX designers and developers to create an official website proficiently.

They are used at different stages of web designing at some point. Here is a brief description of each type:


This level of web design mockup is a low-fidelity blueprint that provides the basic structure, layout, and initial UI structure. It represents the macro level of website design mockup and is mostly used for brainstorming website design ideas.


Mockup is a middle-level website design. It contains static UI and visual components of the web. This website mockup looks like a final product but is not functional. It is used in the late stages to represent ideas in a better form.


This level of website design mockup is a completely interactive and functional mockup design with transitions and interactions. You can also test this mockup website and find relevant potential problems. It looks like it is the final website development process.

You can quickly find the problems in the website mockup. Don’t know how to fix the issues? Check this blog to fix your website design problems quickly.

What is the Importance of a Website Mockup?

Website mockup will do wonders if you use it correctly. These website mockup tools, developers, and designers can help you in the following ways:

  • Visual Ideas 

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer or a designer; website mockups immediately provide you with design ideas to visualize and get an overview. It also helps in iterating the detail quickly into a simple website design.

  • Website Mockup Sneak Peak and Analysis

You can get an idea online. There are so many website mockups designing tools available that are good to give you a sneak peek at the real website. It gives you an idea before developing a website and the issues you might encounter during the final production.

  • Quick Feedback

You can also use that mock design to get feedback from the client to fix issues before the website gets live. It also helps to recreate a new design and improve the quality of the design, transitions, and visual elements.

  • Ease in Collaboration

This mockup web design provides a mockup with a clear picture of UI and UX design that helps in explaining your ideas in a visual form. So, both the client and developer are on the same page and do the changes fastly and easily. Moreover, it helps explain your idea of the website in the form of a website page mockup.

Guideline For Beginners to Create a Mockup Website Stepwise

Website mockups are a simple and effective tactic to gain clients’ attention. We have five simple ways to help you easily gain clients’ eyes. Here are the pointers to create your enticing mockup website easily:

Step#1 Research Your Target Market and Evaluate 

Start to create your mockup design with free tools quickly but have thorough research to know your target audience. It will save you a lot of time. Here are some quick tips for conducting audience research and analysis.

  • Know Target Audience Requirements

Know about the target market beforehand. The first step is to perform user research to know their needs, motivations, and requirements on a web page through different task analysis, observation techniques, and other methods, including feedback.

  •  Market Research and Challenges

Check for enough information, market challenges, and opportunities to create an interface and visual that would attract the users and ultimately increase product sales.

  • Competitor Research

Search for the competitor’s websites as well. It is the best way to improve your product strategies. You can also check the website development’s upcoming trends to provide your user with a better experience.

  • Website Mockup Mapping

Create a mockup web information architecture and sitemap for your web, which would serve all three levels of mockup designs.

Step#2 Make a Mindmap and Design Wireframe 

After understanding the concepts of your target audience. The next step is to brainstorm and mindmap everything on paper or a document on your PC. A variety of questions that can be in your mind at the initial stage are the following:

  • What goals have you planned to achieve?
  • What type of websites you are planning to create?
  • What services do you want to give to your potential clients?
  • What patterns do you think might be the most suitable?

These are a few questions that you can consider jotting down in order to get a better solution for your mockup website.

Step#3 UI Integration and Visual Elements

We have already explained that a wireframe is just a basic structure. You need to create a mockup website to go deep into micro structuring and visual elements integration.

The following web pages mockup can be added to make it look like a real website, including:

  • CTA buttons
  • Images, logos, and icons
  • Layouts and grid setting
  • Font and typography style
  • Navigation setting and systems
  • Color strategies

The better a mockup version, the better the real website.

Step#4 Transitions and Interactions Functionality 

Functional mockup web pages provide a better web design idea than static images. A mockup functional website would draw a potential customer’s attention to your sample website, and it’s crucial to grab their attention because you can get projects based on your samples.

Moreover, keep in mind to add transitions and interactions in a better way than your potential competitors have used. In this way, you can smartly make your website enchanting and enticing.

Step#5 Reiterate and Evaluate 

Once you complete your final mockup design with the basic instructions and UIs, visualization, and interactions, now is the time to test your website and see how quickly a user can understand your website details and designs.

No matter what results you get after the evaluation. Fix your website design and make it the best version to provide the finest solution to your customer. You can share the evaluated design with your potential customers.

Wrap Up 

Creating a website mockup has become essential in getting you some potential customers. If you create the finest sample, it will also increase your market and your information in terms of market challenges and opportunities. Moreover, if you ever need help creating an actual website for your business. You can always reach our web design company in USA. We provide our clients with quality websites and never dissatisfies them ever. Keep these points in mind to make your website the best version of your official website.