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Future of Web Development

Web Designs 16 Dec 2021

Future of Web Development – Upcoming Trends of Web Development in 2022

The world got hit by a global pandemic in November 2019 through which life on earth got affected a lot and a lot of people were enforced to lock themselves in their homes.

The negative effects of Covid 19 not only appeared on the health sector but it impacted nearly every industry and business. The industry of web development is in the initial stage of growth got badly influenced. The future of web development appears to be auspicious after the enraged experience of the pandemic and Google’s update.

Standing on the edge of 2021, here is a follow-up on how the coming year will surprise us with the new web development trends 2022.

These 2022 Trends are the Future of Web Development.

Utilizing Progressive Web Application

Apps that carry themselves just as native mobile applications are progressive web applications. To provide the best experience of web applications without having to be downloaded is a progressive web app’s perspective.

To avoid the hassle of app downloading, you can get an experience similar to the app with the progressive web application. It is not a newly created technology though, it will be utilized a lot in the coming year and beyond.

We have gathered some points that might clear out your questions regarding the progressive web app. Progressive web apps is being rated 36% higher than the normal apps and their engagement rate is also 50% climatic. And for the last fact, it utilizes lesser maintenance cost as well.

The Future Of Drag And Dropping Technology In Website

This feature is also not new in the business but in the future, this is going to be used massively by web developers. Drag and drop technology is going to be the future of web development. It is a tool by which you can have an aesthetically approved and responsive website in the shortest period of time.

Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no doubt going to be a prospective asset for the future of web design. It is going to solve all the tasks including virtual assistant to communicate with website visitors, collecting all the data provided by promoting the portal. One of the basic AI tools is the chatbot which is being used to solve the basic problems of the visitor.

In 2022, 70% of the portals are going to introduce artificial technology to help users with their queries. By the end of this year, the indicators of technology are predicted to reach 30 percent.

Chatbots are supposed to cater to all the needs of the customer including communication with them, answering their questions, etc. This will increase the user experience and therefore increase the ratings of the site as well.

It is predicted that you might as well see these chatbots handling your online payment transfers in the forthcoming year.

Emphasis On Mobile Device

In the world right now, every daily routine chore is being done on a mobile device. Almost 54% of the traffic arises from mobile devices and this alone is plenty to prove that almost everyone is using mobile to browse through the internet.

Websites that do not have a mobile layout are soon going to be kicked out. Web developers need to create websites having a mobile responsive design, a page architecture that is lightweight and quick, and a web design that offers right thumb use.

Cyber Security

Everyone living in 2021 is concerned about their sensitive and personal data being hacked. However, having the power of cyber security is a big concern in the coming year.

Because of data security hacks, a lot of organizations lose billions of dollars, and for that, a higher rate of cyber security is needed.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search was a hit in 2021, about 27% population around the world was using it. Typing is being very less liked as compared to voice search and voice optimization. Hey Siri, Alexa, and Okay Google is the trend and is very faster than typing.

To keep up with the tech world to need to optimize your website with voice search or you will leave behind. Other than that, try to create websites that come up on voice search queries.

Web Assembly Technology

Web assembly is a recent tool that is being used to run modern web browsers. The question is how effective it will be for web development in the future?

Earlier, it was not possible to write codes in different languages but now with Web Assembly, it is feasible to run the codes in different languages. This particular technology is not just a trend but it will be a total force used by many developers in the future.

Single Page Application

Single page application allows the website to change into an entirely different page when a visitor clicks on any item present on the web page. Single-page applications assist the visitor to interact with the web application as easily as possible.

Single page application helps the visitor to save time from loading another page, for example, when you submit any form the website usually takes you to thank you page however, with single page application the thank you appears on the same page that takes less time than having an entirely new page for thank you.

In the forthcoming time where people will surely be very impatient, a single-page application will increase your website’s ranking and traffic by delivering everything in meantime.

Motion UI

Interactive interfaces play an important role in interactive websites. It was very obvious after the Google Page Experience Update that the engagement of interactive designs and interfaces will be highly recommended.

UI motion is a way through which you can have pleasant and compelling interfaces. Web developers get hold of vital and dynamic transitions and animations through motion UI and it makes animation easy as well.

To have a website that visitors do not forget, you need to encapsulate this trend of UI motion design in your latest trends of web design.

Server Less Architecture

Serverless architecture is going to ace all the future of web development trends. It is very simple to understand Serverless architecture, all your demand for dedicated server resources and the maintenance need of physical architecture get canceled. It saves the cost of web developers and also time.

Implementing Horizontal Scrolling

As discussed earlier, the usage of smartphones is getting higher every day and with the design of mobiles being horizontal, it is necessary for you to design a website having all the elements according to the horizontal alignment of phone gadgets.

Horizontal scrolling helps you achieve the best user experience and it saves a lot of visitors’ time as well.


In the web design trends, we learned a lot of things but the main point remains the same and that is to initiate all the tools of the latest technology in your websites as fast as possible because your competitor is already implementing all these trends.