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Data science in marketing

Digital Marketing 14 Mar 2022

7 Effective Ways to Integrate Data Science in Marketing

The increasing dependence on the internet has accelerated data-driven marketing ventures. Research shows that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. Moreover, there are more than 4.95 billion individuals using the internet globally, which makes up 62.5% of the total population.

Essentially, as heaps of data are produced on a daily basis, marketers can easily leverage it to promote their products and services. Unfortunately, large quantities of unorganized information require sophisticated tools that can assign value to the gathered information.

This is where data science comes in. Data science in marketing is applied to process large chunks of information by analyzing and extracting valuable insights. The various tools leveraging this technology assist marketers in collecting, analyzing, and creating meaning from raw data to refine their marketing strategies to optimize their revenue.

Data science in marketing is typically used to evaluate a customer’s online behavior. However, the technology also streamlines other marketing concepts, including optimizing the customer experience, recognizing customer intent, and creating customer-centric marketing strategies.

This guide will cover the various ways in which you can leverage data science in marketing campaigns.

Optimize Marketing Budget with Data Science

According to research, 26% of marketing budgets are wasted on unproductive strategies. Additionally, marketers have to work with a limited budget to formulate a plan that returns a high ROI. This process, in addition to being arduous, can also be quite time-consuming.

However, with data science technologies, marketers can take advantage of different tools to optimize their marketing budget. Data science models can allocate the budget across various locations, channels, avenues, and campaigns to ensure the business invests in areas that yield a high return. Let’s explore a few ways you can leverage data science to optimize your budget.

Increasing Conversions

If you are wondering how to use data science in marketing to increase conversions, the answer is machine learning algorithms. Machine learning algorithms are used to make the most of your limited assets. For instance, if your business has created landing pages or sales funnels to facilitate sales, a data science algorithm can identify the features that attract the most conversions. Ultimately, this information provides you with an insight into the assets that yield the highest conversions. This way, businesses can allocate their funds to these assets to attain a maximum ROI.

 Make Data-Backed Calls for Optimal Lead Scoring

Marketing data science can also be used to make budget-friendly sales pitches. For instance, businesses can leverage data science tools to study heaps of information to identify which prospects would be most likely to respond to sales calls and at what time. This can help you formulate smarter budget allocation strategies and save time and financial resources, as your sales team can reach out to the most viable prospects.

Advanced Marketing Personalization

Marketing Personalization has been known to return a $20 return for every $1-dollar investment. Data science technologies can facilitate advanced marketing personalization techniques for thousands of subscribers. As a result, your business can send out customized messages to customers via emails, landing page copies, location-based advertisement campaigns, and offer personalized product and content recommendations. This will not only provide a high ROI but can also increase your conversion rate and build customer loyalty.

Select The Right Channels with A Time-Series Model

If you are wondering, ‘who needs to know data science in sales marketing?’ the appropriate answer is your complete marketing team. Data science models can help you identify the most suitable channels to run your marketing campaigns. Essentially, you can make use of the time-series model to study data for further comparisons. This can help you discover the engagement boosts in various channels, which you can then optimize and refine over time.

Study Customer Behavior with A Customer Lifetime Value Model

Data science technology is best used to formulate and shape marketing campaigns. The technology can be used to extract the most out of your marketing strategies by crafting a customer lifetime value model. This model divides the target customers on the basis of their behavior. A business’s marketing teams can use this framework to run various marketing campaigns, such as sending out referral codes and extending cashback offers to the business’s most valued customers.

Moreover, the customer lifetime value model can also be used to implement retention strategies to prevent your existing customers from wandering off to the competitors’ pages. For instance, you can use this model to discover customers who are most likely to leave and present them with offers that compel them to stay with your brand.

Invite Conversions with Definite Lead Targeting Strategies

Businesses can also take advantage of data science technologies by executing explicit lead targeting strategies. Tools leveraging data science can study the online behavior and intent of internet users and provide you with a comprehensive list of relevant leads that you can showcase your products and services. These tools study the historical data to highlight their business requirements and find customers or clients who are the best fit for the business.

Additionally, you can also use data science technologies to increase your conversion rate.  Inviting leads to visit your page does not guarantee conversions. However, if you carry out segmented audience targeting, you will feature your marketing campaigns to attract prospects who are most likely to convert. This will not only save you time and resources but it will also productivity and performance of your sales team, thereby increasing revenue.

Using data science techniques will help you form an algorithm-based lead scoring system. This process is crafted to calculate the likelihood of conversions by dividing the lead lists accordingly. Moreover, you can also segment the list to identify enthusiastic customers, curious leads, and uninterested prospects.

Create An Optimized Pricing Structure

Data science can also be used to devise an optimized pricing strategy. Your businesses can study certain factors, such as customer preferences, purchase history, and financial situations. This information can help marketers analyze the factors that influence the prices and subsequently, set them for all product categories.

Carry Out Real-Time Interaction Marketing

One of the greatest benefits of data science in marketing is that digital tools can be used to gather information pertaining to real-time events. This can help your marketing teams learn about such situations and effectively target customers. For instance, Air BnBs can leverage this technology by checking delayed flights. Using this information, the business can then showcase ads to travelers who are in search of a place to stay.

Implementing Effective Social Media Marketing

There are numerous social media platforms that businesses can take advantage of to promote their services. However, using every channel for marketing can prove to be a waste of resources. Therefore, companies can dedicate their resources to one or more platforms by using data science to assess which pages and content are most preferred and engaging for their target customers. This information can then be used to form a meticulous social media marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

Data science technologies can do wonders for any business. You can take advantage of the various tools to optimize your spending, creating time-series models, studying customer behavior and preferences, optimizing conversions, establishing pricing, facilitating real-time interaction marketing, and building a cogent social media marketing strategy.

If you want to add data science in marketing to your campaign, get in touch with a proficient web development company in the USA.