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Mobile Apps 05 May 2022

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps You Can Install Today

Many fad diets come and go, but Intermittent fasting has always been there. Like every other diet, you need to be consistent with this diet as well. You have to stick to the diet plan and the eating schedule. The time when you don’t eat anything has to be longer. For keeping track of time, it’s better to have someone remind you to eat your meals. And, there is nothing more reliable than the best intermittent fasting app for that.

Regardless of the type of intermittent fasting, you are choosing for yourself; an app can make it a lot more manageable. Owing to the growing fame of intermittent fasting diets, finding the best fasting app is not a big deal. However, there’s now a myriad of effective mobile apps in the market to help you follow the strict routine.

Downloading one of these apps to your devices to plan and track your meals would be a suitable option. This guide has a few great recommendations for you.

Intermittent Diet in Laymen Language

That is because it is simpler than the trendy diets. You have to set a particular time for eating your meals. Outside that time bracket, you can’t eat anything or have to fast. This helps in giving a head start to your metabolism. As a result, your blood sugar levels are balanced and you start losing weight.

Additionally, you can also launch your own best free intermittent fasting app. If you intend to do that, you need to contact a proficient app development company, such as Tech4States.

Here are the apps you need to start your weight loss journey.


There are many people who can’t commit to a diet routine because of their busy schedules. With this app, they don’t have an excuse. This app generates personalized fasting plans and reminders, so you don’t get off track.

Once you download this app, you can enjoy using many free features, such as timers, journals, goal-setting, sleep and weight tracking, and a learning library.

The model of this application depends on basic reminders. These reminders alert you whenever you need to eat during the day and when you need to fast. No matter which plans you are following, Zero is the best intermittent fasting app that works with everything. You are allowed to change and track your fasting hours or select from preset fasting windows.

If you want to get the free version of this app, you will get the basic feature. There is a premium package that offers all the features. iPhone and Android users both can install this app.


For many people, it is important to maintain their previous track record to keep themselves motivated. This is the best intermittent fasting app for them. It is dependable when it comes to comprehensive data tracking.  As the main function of this app is tracking data, it gives you the option to save everything from what you eat to exercise to the time of sleep.

Fastient arranges the user data into one organized and smooth app. And, it shows this information in the form of easy-to-understand graphs. If only data doesn’t excite you. There’s a journaling option that permits you to alter the detail according to your preference.

To know how this app works, you can use it for free for a month. When the free trial ends, you can get a yearly or lifetime membership by paying a certain amount. This App is available for your PC, iOS, and Android devices.


Losing weight through intermittent fasting can be a long journey. Therefore, you need to follow a proper routine throughout to get the best results. And, that’s exactly why there is BodyFast. It helps you maintain a strict diet. This one app gives you 10 to 50 fasting techniques. The subscription you pay for decides the number of fasting methods you are going to unlock.

This app changes weight loss into a game. Once you begin intermittent fasting, BodyFast gives you various challenges that help you achieve your goals, such as physical, breathing, and stress management exercises.

To keep yourself motivated, you can compare your results with other users, win trophies, and move to the next level with advanced challenges and much more. So, rather than finding the best free intermittent fasting app, you can give this a try.

Those who don’t want to pay for the subscription can use the free version. Aside from that, there is a premium version. For that, you can pay in three months, six months, or one-year intervals. You can download it on the two of the most popular systems.

If you have other ideas in mind that can make a great app, you can go to an app development company in the USA.

Femometer Fasting

10% of the people who follow diets go for intermittent fasting. That’s more than any other type of diet available today.

Femometer Fasting is an excellent app for people who want to know all the details of their diet. Apart from telling you when to eat, this app offers lifestyle habits, such as sleep schedule, activity level, food, and water consumption.

All of these data points make a Body Status to help you understand what you need. This allows you to check when your fat will turn into fuel for the body, get nutritional info, and so on.

Femometer Fasting is a free intermittent fasting app with a basic account. However, you can upgrade to a premium account that comes with different payment plans. However, the app is available on iOS devices.


For an application to become popular, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And, Simple is a good example of it. This app will guide you throughout each day with reminders and several fasting tips.

With a smart fast tracker, this app will fix your behavior over time. Hence, you can get a good fasting schedule and new healthy habits. To start using this app, you need a Simple account. The application also gives the option to create a premium account like all the other apps in the list. This can be installed on almost all devices without a problem. You can give a similar experience and still develop an app that is full of features with a professional app development company.

In Conclusion

If you have a professional institute, you need the best intermittent fasting app to track your client’s weight loss progress. To get the right fasting app solution, there are plenty of adroit app development companies in the market. There are certain companies that specialize in health and fitness app development. According to the fitness business, you are running, you can create a customized app for your clients.

One thing you need to make certain of is that the app you develop must be compatible with all the smart devices. That gives a positive impression to your clients as well.