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best business to start in Florida

Business Tips 20 Jul 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Start Best Businesses in Florida

If you are thinking about which is the best business to start in Florida, let us tell you that it is not just a beautiful place but has endless opportunities for small businesses. The main reason is that this state has a zero policy for income tax. Being the third most populated state in America and a popular destination for tourists, it is always a good option to start something of your own.

The business ideas in Florida can be related to exports, tourism, manufacturing, food, and information technology. According to SBA, in 2021, there were 2.8 million small businesses in Florida, and as per the predictions, this number will grow in the upcoming years with the population.

Now that you know that Florida is an amazing place for small businesses that need to grow, the question remains which is the best business in Florida to start?

This blog will find some great business ideas that don’t need a big budget to start.


Because of the tourism and the diverse population, the food business has a great scope in Florida. That’s why the food business is the best business to start in Florida. You can go for a food truck if you want a low-cost food business and don’t have the capital for a restaurant. The food industry is forecasted to grow by 4.9%, which shows how lucrative this business can be.

Apart from the regular cuisines, you can give an option to diet-conscious people. Dieting and organic food are garnering popularity all over the globe. In the last few years, this trend has shown a positive curve, highlighting that even more people will turn toward healthy eating in a couple of years.

If you want to set up small businesses in Florida, jumping into the food industry is an excellent choice.

Gardening or Landscaping

Gardening is essential to increase the value of any real estate property. Why would someone not want a property with a lush green garden or a natural environment?

Honestly speaking, gardening is exhausting, and most people don’t have the time to maintain their lawns and yards. That’s when they search for a professional service to take care of the curb appeal of their homes. Subsequently, this is one of the brilliant small business ideas in Florida

A well-maintained house increases the demand of the whole neighborhood. The landscaping industry in the United States has crossed $100 billion, and in 5 years, the average growth of this industry is 5.3%. Due to that, it is another best business to start in Florida.

Elderly Care

For those searching for good business ideas in Florida that would not need much effort, aged care is the best solution after retirement; many people live in Florida, and you can use that as a business opportunity. This market has endless opportunities, such as support and services for seniors, including transportation, shopping, and providing nurses and health care staff.

According to a survey, around 27 percent of people living in Florida are over 55 years old, so there are high chances that it can be the best business in Florida to start. You make the team with the private nurses or helpers that can provide services to the old people. Also, you can start rehabilitation as well because the demand is on an upsurge.

Cleaning Services

You can offer residential and commercial cleaning services as it is the best business to start in Florida that can help you generate income. The state welcomes millions of tourists annually, which means that there is a frequent demand for cleaning services as people need to clean the hotels and places for rent before the arrival of the guests.

Cleaning service is one of those small business ideas in Florida for those who want to invest in a sustainable industry. If you don’t plan to work with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, you have the choice to start your business by yourself.

In this way, you can get the flexibility to apply for tax discounts when you go for a sole proprietorship. Many people rent their homes to those who come to spend their vacations in Florida. It is one of the business ideas in Florida that will not fail. If working on a startup scares you, you can get a few tips to get the mindset of a millionaire.

Tour Agency

In mesmerizing destinations like Florida that attract a fleet of tourists, a tour agency is the best business to start in Florida. You can make customized tour plans for millions of American tourists who come to Florida. As this place has a large water body, you can offer activities like fishing trips, scuba diving, and other water sport. Or, you can take your customers to famous shopping spots. To market your services to people, you can make an online presence. For that, you need an eye-pleasing website to bring traffic. To evaluate the performance of your website, you can use some effective tools.


After the food industry, the microbrewery industry is the best small business idea in Florida. Crafting breweries has always been a profitable business in States, and in crafting such beverages, Florida ranks number fourth in the whole country. To begin a microbrewery business, you require some amount of money and the right recipe. With the appropriate blend of ingredients, you can sell your product to thousands of tourists to earn a significant profit.

So, if you think this is the best business to start in Florida, ensure you are using the right methods for brewing.

Real Estate

No matter where you live, the real estate industry will always be a hot market. Similarly, it is the best business to start in Florida. In the recent stats, it was mentioned that Florida has over 2 million realtors. The average property price in Florida is constantly increasing, turning it into a money-making best small business ideas in Florida.

As the real estate industry already has competition in this region, you need to take some smart steps. For instance, you can build a website to tell the world that you are the expert in the business. In this process, a web development company in Florida can be of great help. From the creation to tracking of the results, they have a pool of adept individuals in the market to help in improving your business online.

Accommodation Business

Opening a hotel or a small motel is one of the good business ideas in Florida. Although during the pandemic, this business suffered a decline, it is ready to shine again with the situation of the world getting better. Being a $20 billion industry, there will always be a bunch of opportunities for the hotel business.

Undoubtedly, it is the best business to start in Florida, but getting the licenses and making a budget can be a little daunting. You don’t have to start a large-scale hotel as an entrepreneur. You can buy a small house and wait until you acquire the money to make it into a chain of hotels. The best locations to run a hotel include Florida Keys, South Florida, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Naples.

Wrapping Up

Being a populous state, it is not difficult to find the best business to start in Florida. Whichever business you choose, you can find stupendous information about it on the internet. Before you dive into anything, do ample research on multiple aspects. Lastly, as you operate offline, it is important to maintain a remarkable impression online as well with an adroit web development company in USA.