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Business Tips 15 Jul 2022

6 Steps for Starting a Bike Rental Business

Bike rental business is booming all around the globe. Bicycles attract locals and tourists alike, allowing entrepreneurs to rent bikes for a few hours for recreational use in the area.

Bicycles are not only a financially feasible option but also offer numerous advantages to the environment. For example, ITDP states that a 20% increase in biking around the globe could reduce urban travel-caused carbon emissions by 11% by 2050.

Considering the statistics, the scope of the bicycle rental service business has increased in recent years. However, if you’re starting this venture, you need to have a strategic plan in action to ensure your business model yield positive results.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to start a bike rental business. So, let’s get started!

Formulate A Business Plan

The primary step of entrepreneurship is creating a fool-proof business plan that highlights your objectives and goals and offers metrics to track results. Your bike rental business plan will allow you to stay on top of the overhead costs, market requirements, and business specificities.

When you start a bike rental business, you first need to consider the startup and ongoing costs. The initial investment would require the cost of renting or purchasing a fleet, owning a physical store, developing a website, and promoting your services through digital media. You need to budget for the following:

  • Fleet and gear purchase
  • Repair costs
  • Staff maintenance
  • Associated commodities (to upsell your customers)
  • Rent
  • Liability insurance

In addition to highlighting the costs, your business plan should further consider the type of customers you want to target. For example, a typical bicycle rental services in Florida will attract tourists on vacation who follow an active lifestyle. It may also attract fitness enthusiasts or college students who wish to find an affordable commuting alternative.

The business plan should further determine the monetization model. For instance, you can charge your customers a flat rental fee or by the hour. You can also plan week-rental packages to attract more customers. The business plan must also highlight the profit margins and goals for the short and long term. You can create a benchmark for your business and adjust your marketing strategies to meet the initial objective for the specified time.

I want to Start My Business Sales & Marketing Goals

Lastly, the business plan for the bicycle rental business should also determine the brand name. There are many factors that you must consider before naming your business, including the following:

  • The business records of the state your business is operating in
  • Federal and state trademark records
  • Web domain availability

If you want to check domain availability, you can contact a web development company and schedule a consultation.

Register Your Business

The next step of the process is deciding your business structure. At this stage, you have the following options:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporations

While you can register your bike rental business in any of the ways mentioned above, the option for an LLC or a corporation is ideal, as these business structures allow you to protect your liable assets in case your rental business is sued.

Define The Business

Akin to a business plan, you must paint a defined picture of your bike rental business. This stage of planning would deduce the type of products and services you would offer, the packages you extend to customers, the locality of your store, and the type of rental business you wish to run. The following are a few examples of your biking business:

  • City Bike Rentals: A suitable business model if you want to cater to tourists and residents
  • Premium Bike Rentals: This approach is ideal if you rent high-end bikes, including electric scooters, to provide an exclusive experience.
  • Bike Tours and Rentals: With this model, you can offer customers bike tours and bike rental services.
  • Bike Trekking: This approach caters well to environmentally-conscious travelers. If you’re offering bike trekking, you can empower customers to offer pre-planned trips from one stop to the other. This model would require you to provide accommodation, luggage transportation, and catering services.
  • Long-term Rentals: Your business can also offer long-term rentals, such as rentals that last up to a month.

When launching your business, you also need to define the location. It is best to open up shop in a region with a high demand for biking. For instance, an area populated by tourists or a bike rental shop near a park or a resort can be a great place to open a shop.

Conduct A Thorough Market Analysis

Conducting a marketing analysis is an integral component of your business plan. Before instating this venture, you need to study the business demands and the potential customer base. Take the following into account:


Since the bike rental industry is facing high demand, you will have to offer superior services to your competitors. Your competitor analysis should highlight all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business can overcome. For example, if your competitors do not have a digital presence, you can build a website to attract more customers through online mediums.


Budgeting is also an essential component of your marketing analysis. You must devise your overhead costs, inventory, repair, utility, insurance, space, and equipment fees. It is best to factor in unanticipated expenses to ensure your business operations run smoothly.


The space for your shop should provide multiple functions. It must be easy to navigate for both employees and customers. This means you must have ample space to store equipment and dedicate designated zones for maintenance and displays.

If you have the budget, choosing a more prominent space from the get-go is best, as it allows you to perfect your operations as your business expands.

Get Licensing, Register for Taxes, and Relevant Permits

Once the planning stage is completed, you acquire the relevant licensing and register for taxes and permits. You can consult a lawyer to inquire about the state and federal taxes you need to file to open your business. You would also need an EIN, which is necessary for taxation. Following this, you must register your business bank account and get separate credit cards for your business expenses.

Additionally, you will also need an accounting professional or accounting software to keep track of the expenses and cash flow of your business. This will allow you to track your financial performance and keep comprehensive account records to streamline the annual tax filing.

Lastly, you must also learn about the permits required by your state to run a business. If you are running a bicycle rental service business, it is best to draft a liability waiver and a certificate of occupancy to carry out your operations effectively.

Build An Online Sales Portal

Digital visibility is critical for all businesses. Therefore, to mark your presence in the online world, you will need to develop a business website. You will require:

  • A business logo
  • A business website
  • Cohesive branding on all social channels

Managing all this cannot be easy while running a business. So, hiring a professional web development agency, such as a web design company in Florida that can cater to all your digital requirements, is best.

The Bottom Line

A bicycle rental service business is gaining popularity all over the world. You can take advantage of this trend by creating a comprehensive business plan, building a brand, and taking all the necessary measures to ensure your business runs smoothly. You can also take care of your digital requirements by contacting Tech4States, a leading web design, and development agency in the USA.