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Mobile Apps 11 Aug 2021

How to Make an App like Uber?

How can you make an app like Uber? Most of the similar businesses in the market take inspiration from Uber for development, so the question is, how can you build an app like this? The whole process and strategy to build this app are different, and you must stay focused on its development.

Making an app like Uber reduces the burden on normal people’s shoulders to purchase their cars when using the rideshare services. This leads to many entrepreneurs thinking to build an app like Uber to match the needs of civilians. Not only is building an app like Uber great for people, but it’s a good shot for entrepreneurs as well.

In this article, you will see how to create an app like Uber.

How Does Uber Work?

Before you start to question how to build an app like this, it’s crucial to understand how it works. Here are the steps regarding how Uber works.

  • Customers open the app and request a ride through it.
  • The customer enters the pick-up and drop-off point in the app to find nearby riders.
  • The next step is to choose the payment method along with the car type to find riders.
  • After this step, the customer confirms both pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • After confirming, the app starts to search for nearby riders.
  • The rider holds the right to accept or decline a ride request. If a rider cancels your request, the app will automatically find another rider near your pick-up location.
  • When the ride ends, the payment will be deducted from your added payment method, such as PayPal account, debit/credit card, etc., or you will have to pay cash for it. You also get an Uber wallet to add money, so it gets deducted from that only.
  • As the ride ends, the customer is asked to share their experience with the rider. The rating helps Uber to enhance the customer’s experience further.

The best thing about Uber is that the process is simple and easy. The rider and the driver both can easily use the app without needing any external help. Furthermore, the system to complain is easier as compared to other apps.

Technical Specifications of Uber’s Features

If Uber is functioning smoothly, then it’s simply because of the features. Any application needs to focus on the technicalities to ensure ease for both riders and drivers. Some important features of this application include payment integration methods, push notifications, SMS, and geolocation.

Here are the details regarding these features.


Have you ever wondered how Uber quickly finds your location or how easy it is to reach anywhere you want with this app?

Uber uses the CoreLocation framework to track the rider’s location. The directions are given with the help of the MapKit and Google Maps Android API for iOS and Android, respectively. Furthermore, the app comes with Google Maps for both iOS and Android to resolve the mapping related issues; however, it’s not the only one utilized for this purpose.

Payment Integration

Avoiding problems is necessary for businesses, and Uber is doing the same. Wrong payments can lead to chaos, and users can immediately quit using the app. It’s the first reason why cards and wallets are implemented in the app. PCI requirements play a key role for a company to accept payments through card or wallet. Furthermore, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are used to ensure the safety and security of the data and payments made by riders. If you’re not satisfied with one payment method, then there are several other ones that you can use.

SMS and Push Notifications

SMS and push notifications play a huge role in keeping the rider and the driver on the same page. For instance, the rider is notified when the driver accepts their request, reaches the pick-up point, or cancels the trip. Push notifications are necessary to avoid any problems in the future.

Uber uses Twilio telecommunications provider to send SMS to iOS phones as push notifications. Furthermore, it uses Google Cloud Messaging for Android phones. Note that push notifications are not necessary at all times, especially when the rider is offline. However, it’s important to make sure that the software is used for this purpose.

What Primary Apps Do You Need to Build an App Like Uber?

Any app like Uber comes with three interfaces: the rider app, driver app, and admin panel. Here is what an app like Uber will need as its features.

Rider App Features

  • Registration: Riders need to sign-up on the application through social media channels or email. It’s also done for different payment methods.
  • Fare Calculator: The app automatically calculates the fare depending on the kilometres from point A to point B, chosen car, fuel rates, and so on.
  • Book for Others: Rider can book an app for another person using this tool.
  • Split Payment: Riders can split the payment of their ride if they are travelling with other people.
  • Ride Cancelation: The rider can cancel the ride at a specified time.
  • Calling and Messaging: The rider can call or message the driver to ask about the ride’s status.
  • Driver Rating and Analysis: The rider can rate the driver based on the car’s comfort, driver’s behaviour, and so on.
  • Payment: Rider can pay through cash or avail cashless delivery options on the app.
  • Ride Tracking: The rider can track the driver on the app to see where they are exactly.

Driver App Features

  • Next Ride: The driver gets a notification about any upcoming ride while completing the previous one.
  • Driver Status & Profile: The driver receives complete information about the rider through this feature.
  • Push Notifications: The driver is notified regarding any traffic ahead, ride completion, etc., through this feature.
  • Waiting Time: The driver can track the waiting time upon which the rider is charged if the time exceeds 5 minutes.
  • Trip Alert: The driver gets notifications for travel route, destination information, pick-up location, etc., regarding the rider.
  • Navigation and Route Optimization: The driver uses this feature to get traffic navigation information, find short routes to reach the destination, and so on.

Admin Interface

An admin panel plays a huge role in ensuring that the app is functioning normally at all times. Here are some features that it includes:

  • Booking management
  • Payroll Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Support and Help
  • Customer and Driver Details Management
  • Vehicle Detail Management
  • Call System Management
  • Communication
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Location and Fares Management

Who Do You Need to Build an App Like Uber?

Building a taxi app is not as simple as one might think. It takes a lot of work than you can think of, which is why you need a whole team to make it happen. Here is a list of people that you will need to start working on your app.

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designers
  • Android app developer
  • iOS app developer
  • Business analyst
  • Backend developer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst

Guide to Build Your App like Uber

When designing your app like Uber, you have to stay vigilant and focused on every step to ensure the result is as you expect it to be. Here’s how the whole process will work out.

  • The first step is to figure out the information and tools you will need to develop the app. If you’re doing it for a client, you need to find out what your client expects in the app. Once you have all the details in your hands, you can find a solution for it.
  • The next step is to lay the foundation of your application. It’s important to do the documentation and prepare a blueprint for your project. This includes creating wireframes, setting milestones, deciding timelines, documenting scope, and so on.
  • The next step is dedicated to the app development by the coders in your team. This step requires constant feedback so that the team can improve the app throughout the development phase.
  • The next step is to test all the features of the application. It’s an important step to ensure that all the features are functioning smoothly.
  • Next is the deployment stage, where your app gets deployed on the app store to help you reach your target audience. It is a crucial step, so you have to pay attention to detail before launching your app for the audience.
  • The last step is to enhance the app or incorporate changes if needed upon feedback. You will need a support and maintenance team for it until your app is functional.


Building an app like Uber can take time, but it’s doable. All you need is a plan, the right strategy, and a team to do the work for you. To ensure that the project is on time, you should consider setting milestones and goals to ensure that everything is streamlined. Learn from your competitors and make sure never to make the mistake they made. Research the market as much as you can to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.